Bitten out of the Bay of Biscay, glistening on the shores of La Concha Bay and tucked neatly into the foothills of the Pyrenees, San Sebastian seduces many a tourist crossing the border from France.

About Us

We are a South African born, Australian couple, taking a year off to travel and cycle tour through Europe.  We happened upon cycling as a means of transport – allowing us to stay healthy (while consuming large quantities of cheese and wine), see a lot more of the countryside and hopefully save a few pennies. …


Cycling Amsterdam to Brugge

Despite the wind, the rain and the cold, cycling in Holland was an incredible adventure. The cycling infrastructure and the numbered cycle route system make it a very enjoyable experience. The Dutch people were both friendly and helpful and we felt welcomed in this windy and wet country!

Germany | BERLIN

Berlin feels like a teenager compared to the rest of Germany, perhaps the black sheep of the family too. Where the rest of Germany feels controlled, organised and regimented, Berlin is uninhibited, non-conformist and free.

Poland | KRAKOW

Krakow is described as Warsaw’s sexy sister, and it is easy to see why. Her features are softer, the sun feels warmer – people smile more here, perhaps they have more reason to.