Cycling the Canal du Midi

Cycling along the UNESCO listed Canal du Midi was pleasant and relaxing –  perhaps a little boring even, until the pathway gave out to a rough singletrack. We decided to leave the canal and head into Cathar country in search of a “Plus Beaux” village called Lagrasse in the foothills of the Pyrenees before heading back towards the Mediterranean coast.


Bitten out of the Bay of Biscay, glistening on the shores of La Concha Bay and tucked neatly into the foothills of the Pyrenees, San Sebastian seduces many a tourist crossing the border from France.

Cycling the southern French atlantic coast

Cycling down the south west coast of France has given us some of our happiest times of the trip so far: the sunshiney ‘highs’ of Dune du Pyla; the cleansing smell of the endless pine forests; the light catching the squeaky-clean, green of the spring leaves on the ancient oak trees; the glinting ocean, the angry ocean, the misty ocean.

Belgium | BRUGGE

Brugge felt a bit like stepping into a fairytale, back in time – with swans floating effortlessly on glassy water creasing the reflections of the storybook houses above them.

Cycling Amsterdam to Brugge

Despite the wind, the rain and the cold, cycling in Holland was an incredible adventure. The cycling infrastructure and the numbered cycle route system make it a very enjoyable experience. The Dutch people were both friendly and helpful and we felt welcomed in this windy and wet country!

Germany | BERLIN

Berlin feels like a teenager compared to the rest of Germany, perhaps the black sheep of the family too. Where the rest of Germany feels controlled, organised and regimented, Berlin is uninhibited, non-conformist and free.

Poland | KRAKOW

Krakow is described as Warsaw’s sexy sister, and it is easy to see why. Her features are softer, the sun feels warmer – people smile more here, perhaps they have more reason to.