About Us

We are a South African born, Australian couple, taking a year off to travel and cycle tour through Europe.  We happened upon cycling as a means of transport – allowing us to stay healthy (while consuming large quantities of cheese and wine), see a lot more of the countryside and hopefully save a few pennies.

We have found that we have our most memorable moments when we are on the bikes, and the cities or towns we travel to become part of the journey, not just the destination.

At first, we travelled by plane and train until picking up our bikes in Bonn, Germany.  We still use the trains if there are large stretches of ground we need/want to cover in a short time, but the bikes are our primary means of transport.

This site is a small taste of what we see and do along our journey. The posts, while mostly written by Tess, are a collaboration of both of our experiences (the author is noted at the bottom of each post).

The blog post tiles on the first page are in date order, with the oldest closest to the bottom.  This is a work in progress and hopefully we will add another few sections when we have time … we hope you enjoy browsing through…

Photography is mostly by Carl, with a few scattered throughout by Tess.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you.



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  1. Love the blog Tess & Carl inspirational !!
    I will definately be checking in to enjoy more of your stories & photos !!

  2. Finally got around to viewing your blog, guys what an amazing thread of your big red yarn ball to share!! Carl, you must surely take up a full time post with National Geographic upon your return. Thank you for allowing us to ride with you. Much love & safe travels! Charlie & Rob xoxo

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